corporate merchandise
corporate merchandise
Finishem Group understands the importance of delivering quality merchandise at a competitive price. With our many years experience in sourcing product, our professional staff pride themselves on offering your company suitable concepts/products to suite your marketing strategy. Our objective is to streamline your corporate merchandise needs by providing your organisation with a complete solution:

1. annual / bi-annual planning meetings (can save on costs)
2. merchandise concepts
3. sourcing
4. warehousing and storage solutions
5. package and distribute

Clients include:
det mbf austcorp lego
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a small range of our products abs products
For a more extensive list of products, feel free to browse the websites listed on the left hand panel. All products are available through Finishem Group and can be customised to suit any of your companies requirements.
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what our clients say
nrma "Finishem Group took on a job for us on behalf of our client Microsoft. Finishem were chosen purely because of Finishem’s experience and the need for security. Being a family company, security was never a concern. The job was delayed during production causing a squeeze and this is where Finishem came to save the day.

Originally to complete this job, Finishem required two weeks to fold, collate, pack, wrap and deliver 3000 kits for Microsoft. They were given four days. Regardless of the pressure, the job was still delivered on time (much to the pleasure of a very relieved Production Manager). During this time Finishem mustered its team and pushed the job through in a very professional and confident manner.

I could not recommend Finishem highly enough to any company or individual looking to do business with Finishem."

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